Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Celebrating my Birthday with the AMC on An Teallach

Some pics from the recent meet to The Smiddy in Dundonnell. Just happened to be my 32nd birthday getting to celebrate with some excellent people.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Snowy Braemar 2&3rd March
The heavy snow took it's toll on the Braemar Mountain Festival, but a talk on Friday night on climbing in Alaska by Greg Boswell went ahead.  This was followed by a ceilidh in the village hall.  A few intrepid AMC members (Derek, Hazel, Bob, Emma +Rebecca) showed off their dancing skills (Derek wearing big B3 winter climbing boots - impressive !).

The wind had dropped a bit by Saturday but the visibility higher up was still poor, so a ski tour up through the the Caledonian forest at Ballochbuie was a safe option.  Great snow for skiing, so several ascents on skins up through the thinning trees at the top of the forest to the slopes above were done to give some geat ski descents in powder snow.  The long track back to the Invercauld bridge was  good fun on the steep bits but gave some energetic poling to keep going on the flatter sections in the soft snow.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

New Year 2018!

The 2018 New Year Meet was at Mol Mor in Torridon.  Ten intrepid AMCers went along with a separate contingent staying in more salubrious accommodation up the road in Ullerpool and linking up for a day near Loch Maree.  The weather wasn't exactly kind but there were some brief spells of sunshine and full advantage was taken.  New year was brought in with a small five course meal and plenty of booze. 

Ascent of Beinn Damh

Full squad at Loch Maree.  Bruce demonstrating the latest in technical mountain head wear.

Ascent of Meall a Ghuithais

Looking over Loch Maree

The summit,  This was cold.....

The Bright Lights of Ullapool

Sunday, December 3, 2017

In November 2017 the club meet was at the famous Steall Hut in Glen Nevis.  It was a popular meet with the hut completely filled with folk looking to take advantage of the good winter weather. 

Here's the best of the photos from the weekend.

The famous wire bridge

The Steall hut

The Ring of Steall:

Scuz's Last Corbett

Long-time club member and cider enthusiast Sarah "Scuz" Wingrove achieved her last Corbett on the 4th November 2017.  This pointless and misdirected milestone was marked by an ascent of Sgurr na Feartaig via Meallana Bhuidhe followed by a short overnight stop in the salubrious Bendronaig Lodge Bothy accompanied by a party of retrobates including her tame goat Mr Edward Smith, Alex, Linda, Carl, Richard, Chris, Mark, Judith and Joe.

The club would like to congratulate Scuz on her achievement although it cannot endorse corbett bagging as a healthy activity for the sound minded.


Sgurr na Feartaig

Looking cool on the summit

Bendronaig Lodge Bothy

Friday, October 27, 2017

Northern Norway and Lofoten Islands

 Lofoten Islands August 2017.  Skye on Steroids?
 Lofoten - view from Hermandalstinden
 Stetind - Norway's national mountain. 1400m straight out the sea.
 Stetind - summit ridge.
 Stetind - the exposed climbing pitch.
 Stetind sunset
Worlds Slab - a 2km long 1/2km wide smooth slab. Amazing walk (or a head banger bike ride?!)