Thursday, December 1, 2016

Weekend Walk 27th November.
Why's all the snow gone?! A jolly bunch from the AMC (Holly, Mark, Judith, Juliet, Stu, Morna, Jill, Greg, Jess and Melba) ventured out with crampons and ice axes to do An Socach in Glen Shee. There had been snow and ice the week before, but due to warm weather it had mostly gone, much to our dismay. It was pretty chilly and large patches of ice needed to be avoided on the way up. There were still a few patches of snow to test out new winter boots in though, and the extra weight to carry helped us earn our coffee and cake at the end!

My two favorite walking companions were however undeterred and managed to chase many small edible animals across the grass. It turned out to be a lovely day, with plenty of time for coffee and cake afterwards in the Bothy in Braemar. Someone also purchased a new axe from the shop!