Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Auchnafree Hill

On the way home from Glasgow on Sunday, Ann & John girded themselves for a bit of Perthshire Corbett-bagging. We had been hoping to tackle one or two of the hills in Arrochar but the weather in the west was foul so east seemed a good option. Auchnafree Hill, up Glen Turret and across from Ben Chonzie, was the least diversion so we went for that.

Although the weather didn’t look too bad it was very blustery with sheets of water being blown off the loch. The 4 km up the glen into the wind was a struggle but then for the rest of the day it was on the side or behind us. Snow conditions low down were soft and deep but it got firmer with height and would have been an OK ski, if we had them with us. Views were limited and I didn’t get many photos as the camera battery was flat, so I had to use a phone. It was difficult standing up at times on the tops, but we had a fair romp back the car. 
South from the summit

Acrosss to Ben Chonzie