Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Reiff Meet

Not much text this time, just a quick round up of the meet to Reiff.
Saturday saw Denis, Richard, Mel and Lucy the dog tackle Ben Mor Coigach from the west. Much botanising was done, and Lucy returned duly worn out. Luigi and Manuela went climbing and although they had managed to blag a guidebook they didn't bother to use it, preferring instead to just climb lines they liked the look of. Despite the early morning clag John & Ann continued in their quest to get their climbing heads back on by doing the east-west traverse of Suilven from Inverkirkaig and were rewarded by clear conditions for most of the day. A dodgy "instant” BBQ threatened to spoil Saturday evening but Italian ingenuity won out and a fine and largely midge-free feast was enjoyed. Sadly Sunday was pretty much a washout with the promised rain arriving just in time for breakfast. 

The Summer Isles from near the campsite

Suilven beginning to clear

Eyeing up the ascent of Meall Beag at the eastern end

Looking back to the steep, exposed descent off Meall Beag

West to the summit of Suilven from Meall Meadhonach

Near the summit of Suilven

Fighting with the "instant" BBQ