Sunday, March 4, 2018

Snowy Braemar 2&3rd March
The heavy snow took it's toll on the Braemar Mountain Festival, but a talk on Friday night on climbing in Alaska by Greg Boswell went ahead.  This was followed by a ceilidh in the village hall.  A few intrepid AMC members (Derek, Hazel, Bob, Emma +Rebecca) showed off their dancing skills (Derek wearing big B3 winter climbing boots - impressive !).

The wind had dropped a bit by Saturday but the visibility higher up was still poor, so a ski tour up through the the Caledonian forest at Ballochbuie was a safe option.  Great snow for skiing, so several ascents on skins up through the thinning trees at the top of the forest to the slopes above were done to give some geat ski descents in powder snow.  The long track back to the Invercauld bridge was  good fun on the steep bits but gave some energetic poling to keep going on the flatter sections in the soft snow.