Monday, December 23, 2013

A Wee Wild One

Last Sunday saw John and Ann finally escape DIY hell for a blast on the hills. Unfortunately it really was a blast. As we got further up Deeside it became clear that anything on the bigger hills was out due to the combination of very high and gust winds, and it being a lot snowier than we had imagined. All of that, plus the need to replace Ann's disintegrating skis, led us to the ordinarily short dander up Craig Leek above Invercauld.
The pictures tell most of the story. Billowing spindrift and wading through knee-deep powder were the main features that made such a small hill feel much more of a day out. The cuppa while we waited for the binding to be fitted to the new skis was seldom more welcome. 
Starting out

Bit of a winter wonderland lower down

Barely over 400m but starting to get tricky

And windier still...

The sun came out for the summit view

Into the wind on the descent, goggles on!