Sunday, June 19, 2016

AMC at 6190m

Congratulations to Mark who reached the top of Denali on 16th June 2016.
We look forward to having Mark climbing with us soon!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Big goals and big achievements

Some thoughts I had a few days ago, seeing the happy eyes of a friend who lead, after long time, a challenging route for him with satisfaction.

We do not claim to be great mountaineers who bring home difficult and competitive results. We are just normal people who love mountains and climbing. We have fun, we love to improve, we are driven by our personal goals. These goals will probably seem ridiculous to the most, but we pursue them with enthusiasm and passion. 
Conscious of our limits and dangerousness of this fantastic sport that is rock climbing, we gain experience from our experiences, we put ourselves into question, we try to learn and progress. Always toward that little personal goal, of which cares nothing to anyone.
The only thing that feeds us is our enthusiasm. It is the humility towards the rock and the loyalty to the loyal friends. Those friends who share this enthusiasm, who give us a bit of the their one, taking a bit of the ours. 
This is a game that costs a lot of energy. We have no surplus to spend on anything else than the healthy approach to climbing. Other personal motivations, the love, the family and more, keep us conscious and conscientious. 
So we leave to others everything that is not part of this path towards our goal, if they have time and energy to spend. Unfortunately we are not born champions, we have to work hard. 

The eyes filled with joy of a friend, who setting his anchor at the top of a route told me his great achievement, is the reason why I do the lot of things I do. 

There are big goals and big achievements.
Let's go ahead and then over.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

AMC outdoor climbing course

Last news from the climbing course organized by the club: SO MUCH FUN!  
We scratched the head for a while, trying to find a way to organize a climbing course interesting to a group with so different backgrounds and experiences, but finally is has been a GREAT SUCCESS! 

We invaded Ballater with anchors and abseils
we set more anchors for blocking the belay, hoisting etc etc
and more anchors and abseils

The club has now a group of climbers properly instructed about the basics, and some more experienced climbers with techniques practiced and memories refreshed.

We had some braves who yesterday collected their first lead climb, just after the course, and some novices who played abseiling here and there. My compliments to these, fist leading are always epic moments.

Well done climbers! See you on Thursday, at out training session, to practice all what done, finish the opera with some basics and to climb more.

Keep climbing!