Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sunday walk: Cairn of Claise & Carn an Tuirc

Denis, Alessandro, Kim and I headed up Sron na Gaoithe in the snow and mist. By the time we'd reached the summit at 814 metres Denis was finding the lure of a cup of tea and a good book back in his campervan too strong.

The remaining three set off again and were soon experiencing views not unlike this:

Most of the walk turned into a navigation excercise, which fortunately we passed. Just as I was thinking it had been a waste of time taking a camera we came back below the clouds and saw a fascinating sight - sort of horizontal rainbows. Not sure what caused them, but I suspect something to do with ice crystals in the air.

Of course, there's the inevitable group photo, which I escaped through having the camera.

The the final sight of the day was a mountain hare that was a lot less camera shy than me.


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