Monday, September 5, 2016

The Grey Slab

Sunday morning saw Razzak, Greg and Mark meet up at a midgey Linn of Dee car park and having divided up the climbing gear, which led Greg to have to decide what food to leave out of his small rucksack, we cycled in to Derry lodge where the bikes were left and walked in towards the Coire Sputan Dearg buttress - a long midgey trudge.

However when we reached the bottom of the crag and our destined route of the Grey Slab (HS***),
the sun was shining and a gentle breeze kept the midges at bay - happy days! 

I led the first 2 pitches (put together), a nice groove up the slab with plenty to keep you entertained and just enough gear to keep you sane!  Razzak then led the 3rd 40m pitch
Although his shouts of 'safe' were drowned out by the RAF

The final easier pitches were led by Greg, his first leads on a Scottish mountain route. Although by now the wind had dropped and we were plagued by midges again.

But we got to the top before any rain got us, this was to hit later on the walk out over Derry Cairngorm.  A happy party completed a great route and got the best of the day.

PS- the midges at Derry Lodge and Linn of Dee carpark made a good attempt at outdoing the Glen Affric ones!!

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