Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Mighty Clashgour and Elephlump

Last Friday a select band of AMCers headed West and walked in to the Glasgow University MC hut at Clashgour, an isolated and bijou establishment, that meant the 5 who were staying in the hut had just enough room to spread out.  Luckily Denis and Greg elected to stay in their vehicles.  The 5 who stayed were joined in the night by an elephlump who disturbed the sleep of some.

Saturday saw an early arrival of Linda, who had been camping nearby, who was off to bag her penultimate (or last) Munro (depending on her memory).
The rest of us - Ed, Scuz, Mark, Judith, Donald, Greg and Denis headed up Glen Kinglass for an aimless wander as the cloud was low and the wind high.  Denis soon turned back for the pleasures of the Invereran Hotel.  The rest of us carried on west until the sight of the cloud free summit of Beinn Suidhe (676m) forced the mountaineering spirit in us to ascend via the tussocky Coire Fearna.  The 6 of us split into 3 pairs and headed down our separate ways depending on our desire for a cup of tea (or whisky) back at the hut.
Judith keeping up with the AMC elite

our target for the day - Beinn Suidhe

A smile on Ed's face as he nears the whisky
An afternoon of relaxing.

The evening was, as ever, convivial, with 8 of us squeezed in the hut for a 3 course meal and the obligatory bottle of Buckfast at the GUMC hut.
For the Sunday see the next post.

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